Helpful Propane Page

We fill bottles and RVs

Some things to know about propane:
* Never use or store cylinders indoors
* Always keep cylinders standing upright.
* Keep cylinders away from heat.

When transporting:
* After filling, take cylinders directly home.
* Do not leave the tank in your car for more than 10-15 minutes.
* Keep cylinders upright and secure.
* Keep cylinder valve closed when not in use or when empty.
* Keep your vehicle well ventilated.
* Never leave cylinders in a vehicle except when transporting.

About filling your tank:
* We at Taylor Equipment Rental operate our own propane filling station, so this means we fill your tank, while you wait, with no costly exchanges. For your safety, we will inspect your cylinder and check for leaks prior to filling.

Check your tank:
* Before bringing your tank to Taylor Equipment Rental, please make sure it is equipped with an "Overfill Protection Device" also known as an "OPD Valve". All tanks manufactured after 2002 will have one, it’s required by law. Unfortunately, we can’t fill any tanks without this device. Please check the picture below to see if your tank conforms.

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